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Minimum Purchase of £10 - All Orders Over £20 = FREE DELIVERY!

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Postage & Packaging

Deliveries will be sent in Compostable packaging that could include; • Compostable & strong waterproof Mailing Bags! • Colourful Boxes from FSC-accredited sources. Vegan friendly coated with colourant able to be safely recycled, composted and repurposed! • Fully compostable / recyclable Tissue Paper! • Compostable Void Fill - No Polystyrene! it's Vegan friendly from GM-Free corn starch & EN13432-certified! The colourful protection is also made with edible food colouring making it safe for little hands and mouths as it also dissolves quickly to prevent any choking hazard (Eating NOT Reccomended). Also easily dissolves in water for quick and safe disposal without harming aquatic life! • Loose/repacked items & Bundles may also be protected in cellophane bags made from wood / plant fibers!
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More In Store
It's not all just about Us. 20% of all sales minus postage & Packaging costs will be donated as equivalent value products directly to individuals and communities in need of resources. Everyone deserves a life with equal opportunity to afford resources to live the good lives they choose, without prejudice or preventing others from doing the same. This site was created with the purpose to support others, to be able to afford and manage your own resources, or to have the means to buy affordable gift parcels for others in greater need to move forward in their own life. If you are starting a New Job, moving to a New Home, Supporting Someone In Need or Travelling your own path through life, I hope you find the means and ability to Live Safe and Well. This site was started, designed created and sourced through a passion by 1 person with limited resources. There is already more than enough for everyone when shared. Use what we have and start creating more sustainable resources moving forward, being appreciated for your own abilities not circumstances. Find a reason to live creating something good you would love to do with your life too... & Go For It!

Anything Else... Just Ask

If you would like to see any general products added to the main shop that you would find most useful for; - Travelling - Health & Safety - Personal Comfort at Home & Work - Personal Hygiene - Office & General Supplies - Mindfulness & Wellbeing - Social Community Groups More products will be added gradually as they can be obtained but do keep checking back for some more great limited time bargains!
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